Dan​hostel Brande



​The prices below require a valid Hostel pass. Guests older than 18 years must have a valid hostel pass in order to stay in a Danhostel.

You can buy a international hostel pass at the reception to a price of 160 kr. The hostel pass is valid for 12 months from the day you of buy it.

It is possible to buy a hostel pass witch is valid for 24 hours. Price 35 kr.

Rooms and prices in Brande Danhostel

The prices include danish vat and are given in danish kr. 


Rooms with private bathroom:                                                                  Without breakfast                        With breakfast

Single room

499,-                                           569,-

Double room

695,-                                           765,-

3-beds room

820,-                                           1030,-

4-beds room

920,-                                           1200,-



70,-                                             Included

Breakfast children up to 12 years

40,-                                             Included

Linen with 1 towels

Included                                      Included

​Brande Danhostel

CVR: 29030626


​Dr. Arendsvej 2,
DK-​7330 Brande

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