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The story about Brande Danhostel​

One day in 1918 a young doctor came to Brande to settle down with his wife, who was a dentist in town. The stage was set for a long life in the wonderful countryside.There was not much indication that the young man would become world famous and co-founder of one of the largest companies in Denmark, Novo Nordisk.

The young man's name was Hans Christian Hagedorn. He went to his new duties with zeal and ingenuity. He was a genuine "Brandit" (a citizen in Brande). Some time ago he had already bought a motorcycle, so he could go quickly to his patients in the district. Shortly afterward she began to work with diabetes patients, the illness he was most interested in. This might be as his father suffered from diabetes. In a short time he managed to reopen the local hospital in Brande which would become the center of his diabetes research.​

​HC Hagedorn

History books show that around the New Year’s Eve 1918 there were four patients in the hospital: A vagabond and three diabetic patients.

In the same year Hagedorn and a local pharmacist developed a machine which could measure the blood sugar. This machine sold over the whole world until the 1950s.

In 1920 he went to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. However, the roots of his researches are located at Brande 100 years ago.

Nevertheless, there is nothing left but the old hospital buildings (Danhostel Brande) which reminds us of his research.

In the 50s the old hospital became a Hostel. In 2005 the manager retired and the city authorities decided to close the hostel.

At that point of time Jess and Dina Hansen – entrepreneurs from Herning – who wanted to face new challenges decided to save the hostel. Since then they have quadrupled the number of night stays. They want Brande and the Hostel to prosper.

In Jess’s efforts to find an innovative and future creating idea, Hagedorn’s history got Jess’s attention. He calls it “the best kept secret in Brande”. His dream is to transform the hostel into a center for information, prevention and recreation relatied to diabetes and Hagedorn. Furthermore, it shall be a place where you can remember and experience Hagedorn’s roots in Brande in Jütland.

Workz A / S has previously worked with Jess and Dina on the development of the “diabetes culture”. We see clear potential link with Hagedorn and admire Jess and Dina's tireless enthusiasm and initiative. We have therefore agreed to help investigate options for funding and developing the project.​

​Brande Danhostel

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